About Gavino Idili
Gavino IdiliI am happy to find again me together with so many good authors inside this artistic Portuguese Photo Community.
It will certainly be a new stimulus.

"Photographs can reach eternity through the moment" Henri Cartier Bresson

(All the people that will want to see some jobs that have been disapproven for various motives but to which are personally tied, they can see them in my gallery:
A thanks anticipated.)
Favorits: Authors
  • Robert Mueller
  • Ben Goossens
  • Przemyslaw Kruk
  • Ursula I Abresch
  • Analua Zoe
  • tiziana pielert
  • Edmondo Senatore
  • Fabrizio Romagnoli
  • Stefano Rapino
  • Bruna Lentoni
  • barbara orienti
  • Lucilla V
Favorits: Photos
  • Der Geist der Literatur
  • The red apple
  • Untitled
  • Last Look
  • Break
  • Winter mood
  • Em direção à luz___-Towards the light___
  • What to Wear Today...?
  • Read all
  • O cárcere d'alma
  • Metacromasia(Metachromasia)
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